We at VIRTUADMIN believe that the 'New Knowledge Economy' offers unlimited opportunities for both small and large businesses alike. Virtuadmin are a professional team providing typing, transcription, podcast and video transcription. With a plethora of experience we are very effective communicators and do not like missing deadlines. We can offer our services directly or available to hire on People Per Hour and Fivesquid. If you are needing more long-term collaboration, freelance sites are a great way to get to know the service provider and quality of work.


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Audio Transcription Review January 2019

Excellent Feedback for Audio Transcription Service
Feedback received for audio transcription

Audio Transcription Feedback Received

Audio Transcription Service Review
Audio Transcription Client Review Transcript

Audio Transcription Review

Audio Transcription Review May 2018
Excellent Review of Audio Transcription Service by Virtuadmin

Copy Typing Review Fivesquid

Feedback received 31st January 2019