Virtuadmin Typing and Transcription
Virtuadmin Typing and Transcription

Typing has always fascinated me since being a young girl (now a woman in my forties) how fast women could type on typewriters without rarely looking at what they were typing!  Not only that, typewriters were hard on the fingers to use, but still this aspired me that I wanted to learn to type.

My Dad brought home a very very old typewriter one day similar to the one in the picture below and I loved it.

Transcription and Typist Why I Love It
An old typewriter similar to the one my Dad brought home from work

Taking a big interest in this and watching my cousin type up documents for my Uncle, he was a Civil Engineer I was fascinated by her skill and speed, and she rarely looked at what she was typing; I wanted to learn.

My cousin had completed her Scheidegger typing course and I was given the book to learn from.  This was a case of in those days they had specialist typewriters that had no letters but only colours for the keys.

At home, my lovely Dad bought different coloured masking tapes to cover up the keys on my typewriter to replicate these typewriters so I could also learn even though I was still very young but I loved it and spent many hours with this book on my own learning to ‘touch type’ as it is known.

Therefore although I wasn’t very accurate I had still learnt where my fingers were to go on the home keys and has become a natural thing for me over the years of typing.

When I started the London Chamber of Commerce Institute exams it was then that I perfected my typing skills and became qualified as a touch typist and still love typing to this day.

The art of audio typing is a challenge for each and every audio or video is different but I simply love the challenge of trying to keep up with what is being spoken.  I have been a transcriptionist in a professional setting for over 15 years using the old tapes as they were then, starting in an office typing up Asylum seeker appeals after the unfortunate disaster of 9/11 and refugees coming to England to seek refuge from the war that transpired in their country afterwards.

I work from home now and have done for a few years but I’m used to so many different accents now but still I love the challenge of trying to keep up with what is being spoken on an audio, trying to make each and every transcript perfect.  Of course, as any transcriptionist knows and appreciates unless the audio and speech are absolutely crystal clear you cannot help but have to put an [Inaudible 0:00:00.0] somewhere but still I love the challenge of aiming to send a transcript back to my client without one but unfortunately rarely happens.

My typing skills have helped also when I have continued to study, further administration exams but especially when I studied for my HND in Building Studies because I could type I was able to produce assignments in such detail and so fast compared to others.  Of course, these detailed assignments probably wasn’t necessary but I couldn’t help myself as typing is just so natural learning the basics so young.  Touch typing is like riding a bike, once you’ve learnt you can always do it even if you don’t practice for years!

Transcription was just the next step further to constantly having that typing challenge of no inaudible’s and keeping up with what is being spoken and that was where my slogan for Virtuadmin Transcription Service came into being ‘putting into text the spoken word’.

If you would like to learn touch type, or interested in audio transcription please do get in touch or leave a comment on this post.  I will get back in touch with links of where to learn, and recommendations for transcription software and good quality foot pedals.

Alternatively, if you audio or video that you would like to be transcribed please email me at: and I will be in touch.