Audio transcription or speech-to-text services is listening to digitally recorded dialogue.  By typing it into an electronic text document it is a transcript.  For the transcriber to do this, to be as accurate and quick as possible, audio transcription software is necessary.

What is transcription software?

A Transcriber’s foot pedal

Audio transcription foot pedal
Foot pedal used by transcribers

How long should it take to transcribe 15 minutes of audio?

  • Audio quality recording
  • Number of participants
  • Is there any background noise?
  • Speakers clarity (are they speaking over one another?)
  • Do the speakers have an accent?
  • Straightforward or complex terminology that requires research during the transcription process
  • Special additional requirements such as time-stamps, strict or intelligent verbatim transcription

Virtuadmin transcribes at a regular and consistent touch typing speed of 70-80 words per minute. It would take 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clear recorded audio.


Transcription Industry Standard

How to find a
transcription service

  1. Google ‘transcription service’ and follow it from there.  The search results will display lots of transcription services. What is it specifically that you are requiring for your transcription?  Will you need it as a regular service or a one-off project? It is a specialist topic or business area?
  2. Search for reputable freelance websites in your home country and globally. Virtuadmin is successful with freelance transcription services on two British freelance platforms. People Per Hour and Fivesquid.  Currency and time-zones may, or may not be a benefit when looking to hire and pay from outside of your home country.
  3. Word of mouth.  Ask colleagues and acquaintances if they use a transcription service or know of one.  It is always worth exploring and more reliable as you are using a service that comes recommended.
  4. Search for transcription services on networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Or, social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the many others on the web.