About Virtuadmin

Virtuadmin provides professional virtual assistant services, specialising in digital freelance typing, transcription, and construction administration.  We provide you and your business with online solutions to your administration and transcription requirements, virtually, at an affordable rate.

With have over 20 years experience working within a team, supporting Professionals in their profession.  As virtual assistants, we offer our knowledge, skills, and experience to work with you to complete your projects for at an affordable rate.


For the last 5 of the 20 years, Virtuadmin have used the knowledge and experience gained, together with official qualifications, to freelance providing administrative support services virtually, in this new knowledge economy.

I, the typist/transcriptionist/construction surveying part of Virtuadmin, started my early working career at 14-years-old.  I had a Saturday job selling shoes that continued while I studied at college.  My studies included business, brushing up my touch typing skills, word processing, Information Technology, and secretarial tasks, over a 2-year period. 

After successfully completing my studies over a two-year period I initially starting as a cashier/administrator for a local 3-piece-suite retailer handling cash, organising deliveries and stock ordering directly from the manufacturer management.

Customer Service

I progressed into a Customer Service role for a large Wine and Spirits distributor, giving me the training and confidence to go into a receptionist role for more experience and another string to my bow!

This position was for a large national construction company in one of their regional offices.  I quickly developed a passion for construction and decided to undertake qualifications to progress my career further.

Construction Experience

I was successful in completing a Higher National Diploma in Building Studies. My 5-years of working within the Construction Industry has given me the knowledge of coordinating documents, reading construction drawings, how to perform take-offs, compiling Health & Safety/Operation & Maintenance Manuals for the completed superstructure and hand-over to The Client.

After discovering that I had arthritis at the age of 30, making it difficult for site access, I left the Construction Industry much to my disappointment.  However, I was fortunate enough to gain experience as Medical Secretary.  The job role included audio transcription of Consulting Psychiatrist' Out Patient appointments dictation. This was, unfortunately, a temporary role although I am grateful for the audio medical transcription experience.

Having gained audio transcription experience I was able to secure a job as a transcriptionist where I had two weeks of official training, due to the sensitivity and confidential information contained in the audio tapes. I was transcribing Asylum Seeker Appeals Decisions. The dictation was strong non-British accents and required strong attention to detail in what was being said.  Another string to my transcribing bow!

As that was a temporary situation in the United Kingdom, that operation was eventually wound down and transcriptionists eventually had to find alternative employment. It was at this point I started working from home as a freelance transcriptionist.

Why choose Virtuadmin? Taking pride in every project or task I undertake, every piece of work or project I work on is done to the best of my ability.  I will not agree to take on a job unless I know I can deliver what you are looking for in your desired timeframe.   A real dislike for missing deadlines, I'll work into the early hours if I have to, not to miss a deadline.

An excellent communicator, researcher, with the ability to very effectively use my initiative, please, if you have any questions please do contact us.  I will, when you hire Virtuadmin be sure to ask plenty of questions myself, if I need to, for clarity to ensure the job done right.  Anything that delays me (I hope it never does) in completing the assignment I will be sure to let you know at my earliest opportunity.