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About Me

I have been touch typing for over 30 years and enjoy what I do as a virtual typist and transcriptionist. With over 30 years of retail, and office administration support to professionals, I'm not just old, but very experienced in adapting experience and skills to what clients require!  I've transcribed many, many hours and minutes of audio, helping not only the medical market research industry but individuals and businesses to make informed accurate decisions. Due to digitalisation over the last 20 years, this has seen an increasing amount of requests for documents that cannot be edited to be re-typed, or old printed materials that need copy-typing for editing and digitalisation purposes, to retain their message from a different era.

When I'm not at my desk in the office working I love going out shopping with my family. When it's summer, finding lakes and rivers to take the kayak out, or going for walks in the beautiful countryside that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by here in the North Midlands, UK. Working from home juggling being a Mum, wife and self-employed business owner can get tight on time, or generally balancing them! We also have a black cat, who adopted us approximately a year ago (July/August 2018) called 'cat' or 'radar tail' amongst others! He's extremely chilled and relaxed and loves to try and help me type, thinking walking all over the keyboard is helping!!

What can I do for you?

I can work with you to create an accurate document of recorded meetings, discussions, voice notes and basically any audio or video that has clear recorded speech. Or, scanned books, contracts, newspapers, anything that is an image and the text cannot be edited or copied, I will copy type them into an editable format keeping as close to the original as possible, including any images too.

What will it cost?

We do not charge to provide you with a free quote and turnaround time for your project.

Transcription and typing solutions are rapidly increasing in demand, and so is the service providers. With artificial intelligence transcription startups springing up it seems all the time. Virtuadmin transcription and typing solutions are about delivering manual typing and transcription solutions at a quick, cost-effective rate, delivering documents that are very accurate and useful specific to your needs.

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