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Personalised Fun Birthday Facts Gift Certificate With A Difference

Special Birthdays can be difficult to buy for especially when you want to make it special. That’s where Virtuadmin’s ‘Personalised Fun Birthday Facts Gift Certificate’ that has a difference to it. It is handmade and hand-typed, with a black vintage style stamp top and bottom. The Personalised Fun Birthday Gift Certificate is hand-typed onto 100% recycled paper and is an off-white colour for the vintage look and feel.


Birthday’s can be a challenging time knowing what to buy or how to make it special. A personalised fun birthday facts gift certificate is fun, different and unusual to help make it memorable. The facts of the sample pictured can be edited to what you would like it to read, this is just a guide for what it will look like and an idea for the details to make it extraordinarily different.


It will be hand-stamped in black ink top and bottom and then hand-typed on an Adler Primus cursive font typewriter.


If this is something you would like to make someone's birthday special see the Personalised Fun Facts Birthday Certificate listed on eBay.

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