How to save time and money outsourcing audio transcription

Outsource Audio Transcription to Save Time and Money
Outsource Audio Transcription Saves Time and Money

Freelancing your skills and experience earning a living wage self-employed, money and financial budgets are tight.  This can be the case especially for start-ups, entrepreneurs, sole business owners where every penny of cash flow has to be accounted for.

Ultimately all the responsibility falls on you to keep accurate records of data, information, conversations, meetings, conferences details etcetera in order for you to be competitive, and have a successful business.  If you don’t it could not only cost you time, time is money, and therefore inevitably money.

Many businesses now utilise transcription services to convert into writing verbal communications, such as meetings, interviews and telephone calls, and other forms of verbal communication.

Digital technology advancements in recent years have made keeping these types of records much more cost-effective and easier to make.  In today’s world a meeting, for instance, easily recorded on your mobile or laptop with an external microphone for enhanced audio quality.  Holding a telephone call with a potential new client, again, can be recorded very quickly and simply, cost-efficiently.

Audio Transcripts are a back-up

Recording these types of interviews, meetings, and conversations (with the participant’s knowledge of course!) is an excellent method of keeping records, replaying the audio at a later date to hear the details discussed, or information needed in order to prepare a contract.

  Even with all the wonderful glories and flexibility that digital technologies offer today, they are not infallible.  What if your laptop suddenly has a wobbly, your internet goes down and the information cannot be accessed.  What would happen if a copy of the digital audio file was accidentally deleted or became corrupted in some way with no other copy?

What would you do?

The solution, so that the same situation does not arise again in the future is audio transcription.  A transcription service is a professional freelancer or transcription vendor which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.

How long does audio transcription take?

Outsourcing your recorded audio to a professional transcriptionist who will transcribe and deliver you an accurate transcript much quicker than you could probably type it.

It takes 4 to 6 hours for a professional transcriber to listen and transcribe an interview of 1 hour. This means that it takes a transcriber 2.35 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of talking.  How long would it take you?

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Audio Transcription?

Delegating the task to an external professional transcription service provider saves you the hours it would take to listen and type to turn those important details into a readable text document.  It saves you the expense of paying for software and a foot pedal for ease of play the audio and transcribing it into text.

Recording meetings, conversations, group discussions on a regular basis, outsourcing for transcription rather than hiring someone in-house also saves time and money.

Cost-effective solutions for small businesses
Outsourcing is cost-effective for small businesses

These are the main benefits of outsourcing audio and video transcription:

  • Available globally at probably cost-efficient affordable rates
  • Available support, Virtuadmin offer a 24-hour, 365 days a year inquiry and support service
  • Important meeting discussions can be a ‘hard-copy’ when the transcript is printed
  • Details cannot be disputed when in a text document
  • No office space or equipment investment for an in-house transcriptionist/administrator
  • No employee tax/health insurances to pay or paid holidays and inevitable sick days
  • You pay and use the transcription service like Virtuadmin as and when you need it, a pay as you go style service if you like
  • No training for you or any staff you have, just outsource it and wait for your transcript to be delivered in the specified time agreed.
  • Helps in the marketing of your products, services or entrepreneurial ideas and start-ups
  • Repurpose the content into blog posts or even an eBook
  • Transcripts can be added to a video to create captions for increased search visibility and accessibility

Contracting a professional transcription service ensures an accurate transcript will be delivered.  These details are crucial for referring to for details, much easier to skim over than to keep re-playing an audio recording that is more time-consuming.

Audio transcription services are available globally at cost-efficient affordable rates

You can find a transcription service globally in real time too, making it very very quick and convenient as to compared to how it once was many years ago, transcribing from a microcassette recorded on a dictation machine as one of the only expensive ways to record speech.

Audio transcription does not just have the benefits of turning a speech into a transcript that you can easily refer to, excellent for sending out to the participants of a meeting or conference, for example, by capturing ideas that have been spoken about.

Focus groups benefit greatly from getting their ‘focus groups’ recorded audio transcription.  These brainstorming sessions where ideas can easily be forgotten, that can turn up again in a transcribed audio!

The content from your unique audio is protected

Having the recorded audio transcribed is creating a transcript, and printing the transcript document out is a ‘hard-copy’ of that uniquely saved audio.  The information contained is indeed unique and important enough for you to have recorded it, so why not archive it in a hard-copy too?

As I already mentioned, the progress that technology has made is fantastic, made the world a different place in the last 20-30 years.  More connected, more informed (until the birth of Fake News), even with storage in ‘the cloud’ these days, nothing is infallible.

Where business is concerned it is a necessity to protect yourself, your client having a text copy of the transcribed meeting always gives you a back-up should something go wrong or a detail recalled differently between you and the other party/’s.

Audio transcription protects you in your personal life too

Transcription isn’t just something that is essential for small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, students; it can be equally important in your personal life should it be needed.  Again, protecting you should any details be disputed; if the audio becomes corrupt important data is not lost.

The new age digital technology means a cheap and easy way to record discussions, meeting, interviews, etcetera.  The money you are saving by using your already existing smartphone in your pocket or handbag, why not use to go the final step and get it turned into a text document? A 20-minute audio that is of good listening quality, 2-speakers, an academic interview, for example, would cost just £10 by Virtuadmin.

If the transcript gets misplaced you can order a new transcript by asking your original transcription service provider for another copy.  (Virtuadmin would not charge a cent for a duplicate of a transcript if it was required.)  If the audio gets damaged, accidentally deleted or corrupted you would always have the transcript to refer to, the important information is not lost.

Audio transcripts help the marketing process of your products, services or entrepreneurial ideas

Part of being ultimately responsible for keeping accurate records for your business, you have to market your product or service.  Transcripts can help save time with this, highlight some text to create a Tweet, or an entire paragraph or two for other social media networks.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for the next newsletter, or your next blog topic, scan the transcript for ideas that you have previously discussed and may have forgotten about.

Create a slide presentation from the typed content.  Copy and pasting the typed text from the document takes hardly any time at all when designing slides.  The text, which is the content in your transcript is already written for you, another additional productive marketing feature from in the investment of outsourcing to a professional transcription service provider that transcribed the audio into a transcript.


In today’s digital world many people can type, whether it is a two-finger typing, fast typing or touch typing, audio transcription is a skill to listen, then type accurately what you heard.

With the average English speaking person speaking between 150-170 words per minute and therefore taking the quickest of typist 2.35 minutes to type 1 minute of talking, it is going to take a non-professional quite some time to type into a text document a discussion they just had, or a telephone call.

Outsourcing is a convenient and quick way to get those important details into a digital format.  Transcripts, printed or not, create a copy of that important uniquely recorded audio.  Printed out, a transcript is then a hard-copy suitable for archiving, even further protecting the audio content should the digital format get deleted or corrupted.

Outsourcing can be a scary thing to contemplate, however, using professional service websites, like People Per Hour for example, where professionals offer their skills as a service as well where clients can post their current job requirements and freelancers can submit a proposal.  These kinds of websites give individuals and small businesses protection for you and your money.

Virtuadmin has audio and video transcription services available on the professional freelancers website portal People Per Hour.  For your peace of mind, if you decide that you need audio transcription you can hire me via People Per Hour clicking the link.

If you have a query regarding audio transcription please feel free to send me an email anytime to  I aim to answer any questions within an hour, (apart from when I am sleeping!) so please do not hesitate to get in touch.