Audio Transcription TypingInterview transcription refers to the transcription of the audio recording of a conversation between two individuals.  Whether the interview takes place in a room, place, or over the phone, transcribing the conversation into a document is vital requirement for students, researchers, professors, market researchers, attorneys, writers, consultants, journalists, translators, insurance providers, psychologists, psychiatrists and so on.

Interview Transcription Company for an Effective Outcome

Students and researchers often have strict deadlines with their work. An interview transcription company can help them save time, effort and expense. Getting the work done by professional transcriptions also ensures a high level of accuracy, saving the time that would otherwise needed for corrections. The assistance of a reputable outsourcing company that can meet all these requirements can prove invaluable. Professional transcription companies offer comprehensive solutions for

• One-to-one interviews
• Multiple participant interviews
• Group discussions
• Telephonic interview

How Outsourcing benefits Students and Researchers?

It is easy for students and researchers to use professional interview transcription service. They can send their audio files in digital format, as e-mail attachment, or upload them directly on the service provider’s secure FTP server. Trained transcriptionists listen to the audio files and produce accurate, spell-checked transcripts in the desired format. They can handle large volumes of acoustic data with ease. Total security is ensured so that valuable data is not lost, leaked or misplaced. The transcribed files are then sent back as email attachments or uploaded on the FTP server. The benefits of using the services of an experienced service provider are:

 • High levels of accuracy with three levels of quality checks

• Transcription of acoustic data into documents in the desired format
• Document flow management software for end-to-end tracking of data
• Solutions in customized turnaround time
• Cost-effective services

Pick the Line of Attack

Academicians and students can opt for any one of the following formats for interview transcription:

Verbatim: In this process, everything recorded in your acoustic data is transcribed, including duplicate words and irrelevant conversation, such as coughing, laughter, and even pauses.

Intelligent verbatim without slang: Here, professional transcripts do not include duplicated words and irrelevant conversation, including words like “um”, “you know”, and so on.  Acronyms and abbreviations are expanded by analyzing the subject.• Intelligent verbatim with slang: Intelligent verbatim with slang would include even words like “wanna” and “gonna”.• Discourse Analysis: Discourse analysis is either verbatim or intelligent verbatim and indicates pauses, cough, laughter, and so on, with appropriate symbols.

Only a reliable service provider can ensure error-free and timely results. Top grade service providers offer interview transcription for students and researchers at very affordable rates.

—Interview Transcription: Benefits to Students and Researchers Written by: Managedoutsource