Digital Audio Transcription

Digital Audio Transcriptions undertaken by Virtu@dmin are safe, secure, and confidential. Priority is always to provide you with prompt, cost-effective service.  Taking pride in delivering accuracy at all times, with the availability of urgent transcriptions 24/7, 365 days a year.
All transcriptions are done manually, we do not use speech recognition software or outsource to others.

About Our Transcription Service

Virtu@dmin offer a strict or intelligent verbatim transcription service.  Experienced in a variety of industry-wide disciplines.  Our transcripts are produced using professional transcribing software. We also use a specialist headset, an ergonomic keyboard and an Infinity foot-pedal. The virtuadmin home off is ready to transcribe audio, podcast and video. Two new services now available. Video captioning and Podcast show notes for enhancing your SEO and accessibility.

Audio Transcription Rates

Outsourcing transcription to Virtu@dmin costs from 60p per audio minute for up to 2 speakers. If the audio has 3-4 speakers it is 75p per audio minutes.

Audio's that are not of the best quality will incur an increase in fee. We would point this out to you of this during the initial negotiation phase of the project.  Our fees are also dependent on your requirements of turnaround time.  The rates stated here are for approximately a 3-day turnaround, depending on workload.

What determines a poor quality or bad audio?

A bad quality audio means that it will take longer to convert the recorded speech into a text document. This could be for a few reasons:

» Bad quality audios are recordings that have a lot of background noise. For example, that have been recorded in a public place like a cafe.

» If there are more than two speakers, cross-talking can occur between the participants. Focus groups generally have a lot of cross-talking due to the nature of the group session.

» The speakers in the audio may have non-native accents, where English is a second language.

» A common occurrence in recorded phone interviews, discussions, etc,. From experience, a lot of static can be present. The interviewer can be clear to hear, but the respondent is very echoey, or vice versa.  The same situation with conversations recorded via VOIP, for example, Skype.

These factors constitute a difficult audio for transcription. As mentioned before, they are more time-consuming to convert from audio to text by manual transcription methodsMore replay to understand what is being spoken to ensure accuracy will impede the transcription process from audio into text.




Transcription Service ‘Offer’ People Per Hour

What you will get from hiring Virtuadmin for your audio transcription

    ∗  Over 20+ years touch typing and transcribing experience

    ∗  Provide a professional friendly service at an affordable and cost-efficient rate

    ∗  Fast turnaround times

    ∗  Use professional transcribing equipment i.e.
        » software

        » foot pedal

        » headset

        » ergonomic keyboard

    ∗  You deal with me directly from the beginning of the transcription process to completion

    ∗  Can provide you with a strict verbatim or intelligent verbatim transcription

    ∗  Can provide time-stamps within your transcript

    ∗  Flexible approach to bespoke requirements for transcription

Your audio or video matters

Virtu@dmin value each and every audio, podcast or video.  We understand from the outset it is important and unique to the person and/or participants that have produced it.

There are several types of digital audio and video; I am available to transcribe the following: -

  • Business
  • Interview
  • Medical
  • Lectures
  • Public Speeches
  • Podcasts
  • Market Research
  • Construction Surveys / Property Inventory
  • Focus Group Discussions (max. 4 speakers)
  • Sermons
  • Meetings (max. 4 speakers)
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Video (including adding & syncing closed captions)

For any other type of digitally recorded audio please do not hesitate to get in touch.  You can either go to the "Contact Us" page or email us directly:; Virtuadmin are always willing to study, learn and expand on new skills to grow with our clients and their bespoke requirements.

Client's Feedback of Our Transcription Service