Transcripts produced by Virtu@dmin are as standard delivered in a Word document format.  If the purpose of the transcript is for closed captions/subtitles and you intend to upload it to your video, this result can be better attained if the document is in a text (.txt) or (.srt) file format.  In either of these mentioned formats, you will then be able to upload the transcript to your video hosting platform, such as YouTube for example, and it will automatically sync the text in time with the speech in the video.

The same result cannot be achieved with a Word document, although the subtitles appear on the screen, the timing does not sync automatically as with the formats mentioned above, and has to be done manually, which is time-consuming if you are not that quick at typing!

Syncing and Speech Timing Service

As part of the video captioning/subtitling service, we can at Virtu@dmin upload the transcript for you, check it is syncing in sequence with the speech when viewed, and make the necessary amendments should something not be quite right.

Another element of plain text document transcripts is that when they are uploaded to your video, and although many hosting websites these days do provide automatic captions for your video, they are not always accurate.

SEO and Transcripts

Another important factor here is that did you know that Google and other hugely popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo do not index videos if the captions/subtitles are automatically generated upon uploading to your video hosting platform?

They are not considered accurate enough for indexing purposes, therefore, your video will not be indexed or ranked by Google or others as highly in search results.  Simply put, your text document is basically describing what the speech content is about.

Search Engine Crawler Bots cannot read visual images, static or moving.  They cannot hear audio or speech, and so an accurate transcript will always be of a great benefit for search engine optimisation and it will naturally rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Get your free, personalised quote for your video, trainer video, marketing video, or any other type of video that contains speaking elements.  I would be happy to do this for you.