Hi and welcome to the blog of Virtuadmin.  This our very first every blog post and I am very nervous even as I’m writing it, and why is that?  I’m Joanna one half of the team, the typist and administrator with over 20 years experience in Secretarial and Administration roles.  Alan, my husband and the other half of Virtuadmin brings the Graduate knowledge of Public Policy and Administration to our business.

We have been active for a year, our website www.virtuadmin.co.uk has been designed and built by Alan.  Initially we set up profiles on Freelancing accounts such as People Per Hour, Elance, and Guru to name a few; we began the hard and painful job of submitting proposals offering our Business Administration Support Services.  It was a long and tedious, and to be honest after a few months of constant day in and day out logging onto these sites, sending proposals and not really getting anywhere we gave it a break.

It wasn’t a conscious decision we just naturally slowed down how active we were on those sites.  Then surprisingly one day out of the blue we received an email from a guy asking if we could write a review.  Until then we didn’t even know about reviewing products, e-books, android apps or anything of the like.  

Alan is the content writer of anything (apart from writing the first post for our blog!) and he got to work on his very first review.  That one review was enough then for someone else to hire our services and he has since written a Business Plan for training industry employees in Nigeria on First Aid.  It was his/our biggest project and took 3 weeks to collate the data and then present it to the client.

  Those first few orders gave us the confidence we needed to really get the business out there and business has been steadily growing ever since.

We would like to thank all our initial clients, and welcome all new clients to Virtuadmin.  Thank You Everyone.