100 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet (Updated)

* This post first appeared on Social Positives on 15th May 2015. The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers and users together. Billions of users are surfing millions of websites, blogs everyday.  The Internet is an amazing source and they offer some useful websites for the users. If…

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What best describes what kind of typist you are?

Typist's roles

Did you know that there are various kinds of typist?  No?  Okay, well neither did I even as a transcriptionist of over 20 years!  Why?  Because with the digital world and the advancements that have been made between transcribing from a microcassette to now transcribing mp3, mp4 and other audio…

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Transcription Service

Transcription ServiceVirtuadmin Transcription Services offers a professional and quality transcription service at affordable rates for individuals and businesses alike.  This board is for anything related to typing and speech to text transcription.

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