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Finding an online library stocked with pictures that are of high quality and available to use for free can be a daunting task. All the effort you are putting in selecting your search words to seem to only yield images that either vaguely agrees with your needs or are completely irrelevant. This can waste a lot of your time and get you really worked up.

If your job involves finding free images online on a regular basis, then having a free image directory would be a smart move. A free image directory allows you to easily and quickly access pictures that are not just relevant and top quality but add more meaning, taste, and eloquence to your message. And saves you hours.

Let me get you started on creating your own free image library. Below is a fairly exhaustive list of the best websites to find free images online:


First, there are no restrictions – you do not need to credit the author when using images from this website. New photos are uploaded every day and organized accordingly. They have amazing pictures with a wide range e.g. roads, food, fashion, wedding, technology, business etc.




This is one of the largest free image directories. It has collated photos from many other free image sites and put them under one roof. So if you are in a rush, then this will work very well with you.




A small one-column site that was built on Tumblr. They post 10 fantastic images every ten days. No need to be registered. You can subscribe to receive photos directly into your inbox.




Besides the large collection of high-quality photos, Flickr gives you the option of sharing and saving your photos. With it, you can organize all of your pictures and not worry about losing them. You can also edit your pictures. One thing that is encouraged when using someone else’s photo is to ensure that you link your picture to them. You will need to register as a member to be able to gain access to the variety of options offer by Flickr.




Easy to download photos. They focus more on abstract shots, architecture, landscape, nature, backgrounds, and patterns etc. You do not any to create an account.




You can credit them if you want to but you don’t need to. They upload high-quality illustrations of backgrounds and many other photos. They have plenty of visual mediums you can choose from. Images have no restrictions.




is an online tool that allows you to find resources you can share, use, modify of the remix. You can use find things to use for commercial purposes as well. No registration required. It is a convenient search engine. However, you need to find out about the copyright terms of the image before using it.




It is great it doesn’t offer a clear division for royalty-free CC images. It is a useful search engine especially for those who don’t know exactly what they are looking for. Picsearch will help your search by indexing pages for you.




Here, photos are uploaded by users as in Creative Commons. You can search and sort your pictures. There are no image restrictions. It offers a range of high-quality photos and thought to be one of the best internal search engine sites.




Plenty of free images. The disadvantage is the loose image restriction that comes with it. In Blog photo, there is more than just getting you the photo you need. They offer resources such as templates, articles planners etc. to help you grow your digital footprint. In addition to that, there are articles published weekly as well as live interactive shows with media mogul to make you outstanding at whatever it is you are trying to achieve.




For high-quality photos with no image restrictions whatsoever, then this is the resource for you. These are high-resolution pictures taken by Ryan McGuire . You can find them on one page, not a group. Just scroll down as the page loads and pick the one want. You are not required to credit the owner.



12. SXC.HU

There is a variety of image restrictions. However, they offer a massive selection of images covering a wide spectrum including abstract, events, architecture etc. You can share photos whenever and however you want. Sorting can sometimes be a little difficult. The good news is that the search tool is straightforward and getting what you need is simple and fast.




With over thirty million registered users, Deviant Art is the leading community in free image online communities. The work of photographers is under Creative Commons. You can use their images as long as you give them credit. There are wealth of high-resolution photos.




They offer the best picture at reasonably low price. They have a collection of over four million.  If you want your website to stand out then use Photodune.




This is probably the largest place to find free images online. In one month they upload up to thirty-five million photos. They have a wonderful collection of people and capture different activities so perfectly. If you want to get the picture, click on the icon on it and then paste the code onto your target page.


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15 Customizable Infographic Templates for PowerPoint That Will Save You Time & Resources [Free Download]

Free Customizable TemplatesUncover 20 beautiful pre-made infographic templates that will save you time and energy.


As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And with marketers steadily increasing their visual content budget year over year, it seems that this visual exchange rate now carries even more weight.

In terms of visually displaying information, infographics serve as an ideal way to convey a complex idea in an interesting and manageable format. Whether it’s a comprehensive side-by-side comparison, a lengthy timeline, or robust collection of numbers and statistics, a well-designed infographic can help you make your point without fussing over a ton of words.

The big issue is, of course, the amount of time needed to create infographics. Nearly 66% of marketers reported that both lack of time and staff resources are the biggest challenge to creating effective visual marketing, according to a report from Digiday and Chute.

That’s where we come in. We’ve created 20 fully customizable infographic templates that will give you the inspiration and foundation you need to build your own infographics — 15 templates in PowerPoint with an additional five versions in Adobe Illustrator. Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect:


These customizable templates are easy to execute on and offer you the flexibility to experiment with different styles, layouts, colors, and fonts.

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100 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet (Updated)

Social Positive's 100 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet
100 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet

* This post first appeared on Social Positives on 15th May 2015.

The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers and users together. Billions of users are surfing millions of websites, blogs everyday.

 The Internet is an amazing source and they offer some useful websites for the users. If you visit a website that might be useful and interesting for you but another one feels that’s not special.

We already published the list of 75 websites. Today we have to update the site to the best 100. We have removed some outdated websites and added more websites. Here we go.

1. – The web information company provides commercial web traffic data for everyone.

2. – Easy way to test your broadband speed.

3. Iconfinder – Free Icon search engine.

4. – The wayback machine to see how the website looks in the past.

5. – Global Flight Tracker and Travel Planning.

6. – Worlds greatest image hosting and sharing service.

7. – One search and get results from Google, Bing and Twitter

8. – Computation knowledge engine.

9. – Free Website Analyzer

10. – Free Backlink checker, can easily categorize nofollow, dofollow, hot links for your website.

11. – Check your websites speed.

12. – The Bedtime calculator.

13. – Take full-length website screenshots.

14. – Accurate word counter and also can use to test your typing speed.

15. – Prefect plagiarism checker.

16. – A powerful tool to Bookmark, Sync and Search.

17. – Create feeds and connect with your Twitter account, Facebook profile or pages and LinkedIn profile.

18. – Advanced Twitter profile management tool.

19. – News curation platform. Become a news publisher with and Twitter.

20. – Worlds best and easiest way to stream live video.

21. – Online file conversion site that works for hundreds of formats.

22. Google Translate –  Translate texts just typing or as a document.

23. – Simple online voice recorder and you can download in different formats.

24. – Easily cut MP3 files online.

25. – Find similar websites that you liked.

26. – Free online grammar and spelling check.

27. – How fast you are typing? Check your speed with Keybr.

28. – Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.

29. – Check your favorite websites whether they are down or not.

30. – Free people search engine. To find your friends other Social Network profiles by username, first name or last name.

31. – Figure out your I.P. address.

32. – Widely used tool to clean Email Inboxes. Mailstrom works with Gmail, Google Apps Email, Outlook, Apple, AOL, Exchange IMAP and any other email service that supports IMAP.

33. – Access any website on the Internet quickly and without giving up your privacy.

34. Google Drive – Save  photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos starts you with 15 GB of freeGoogle online storage.

35. WooRank – One of the most popular Website Review and SEO Tool. You can an create an advanced review to track and optimize your website.

36. – Convert any URL or Webpage to PDF online.

37. – Truecaller will completely transform your mobile phonebook experience with a smarter set of features that will improve your daily life.

38. – You can calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates with this free currency converter.

39. – With Mint you can see all your balances and transactions together. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information into one place, so you can finally get the entire picture.

40. – has been supplying the online community with old versions of various programs.

41. – Speed read the web one word at a time.

42. – The search engine that doesn’t track you.

43. – Url shortener from Google. Allows you to track, in real-time, the clicks and referrers. You can see your existing links and avoid duplication.

44. StumbleUpon – Website discovery engine. A collection of best pages on the Internet.

45. – A complete professional page about you.

46. Evernote – Save your notes for lifetime.

47. – Resize your image, it's free and easy.

48. GoogleWebDesigner –  A free and easy tool to create animated, 3 HTML5 Ads in minutes.

49. – Fonts for prints, products and screens. Determine the font name from an image.

50. – Free Online QR code generator.

51. – Convert anything to anything.

52. – Plaxo helps you to organize, manage, and access your contacts in one place.

53. – Your online internet identity.

54. – Share big files for free and secure. Can send up to 2GB in a single time.

55. – Send notes that will self-destruct after being read.

56. – Free screen sharing with anyone on the web.

57. – Especially for movie lovers. To find who has been in which film and what the name of that actor is.

58. – Learn to type. Free typing tutor and lessons.

59. – Send tweets longer than 140 characters.

60. – Set an expiration date or time to your Twitter tweets.

61. – Manage multiple social networks from a single dashboard.

62. – Source for knowledge. Question and Answer Website.

63. – Domain searching tool that helps users to find their favorite domains related domains easily with one click. Lean Domain Search shows thousands of related domains that are available to register.

64. PayPal – Worlds faster and secure online money transferring system. Pay and get paid.

65. – Find information on any domain name or website.

66. – Is your website? Look up a site and get the rating.

67. – Find the original link behind the short link.

68. – Connect your Personal computer, Tablet or Smartphone and share, images, texts, files etc.

69. – This tool can generate up to 100.000 unique random codes at a time.

70. – Protect your content.

71. – Tech News, Product Reviews, secure software downloads etc.

72. – On you can design and share your own charts online and for free.

73. WpThemeDetector – WordPress Theme Detector is the perfect free online tool to find out WordPress theme or plugins is that awesome site using.

74. –  You can find all things HTML – from HTML codes, HTML editors, HTML generators and more.

75. – You can use any Pixabay image without attribution in digital and printed form, even for commercial purposes.

76. – Check your social media score.

77. – Watch free movies. You can find the latest most popular movie titles on the site.

78. – Enter a website to see if the bugmenot community has shared any logins for it.

79. – Convert your email address into a short, safe link you can share on the web,

80. – Free email tracking service to check whether or not your sent email gets read by the recipient.

81. – Best reverse image search engine.

82. – Print music sheets and write your own music online.

83. –  Send faxes to US and Canada for free.

84. – StickK offers you the opportunity, through ‘Commitment Contracts’, to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals.

85. – Boxoh can track your USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL/Airborne packages.

86. – Simple free online image editor.

87. – Private social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations, and business apps.

88. – is a web based word processor for people to collaborate in real-time.

89. – ScribbleMaps allows you to create custom maps, widgets, and images.

90. – Hire people to complete small tasks for $5.

91. – TripIt organizes your travel plans in one place. Finds alternative flights. Sends real-time alerts.

92. – Track and analyze your nutrition, weight loss, diet and fitness over the web. Its free and private.

93. – you’re planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list with a partner or managing multiple work projects, Wunderlist will help you.

94. – Understanding your fuel consumption and vehicle’s actual costs can help you save big money.

95. – Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

96. – Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio online.

97. – Free unlimited photo storage, so you can rediscover your photos anywhere. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

98. – Free math problem solver answers your algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics homework.

99. – CalorieKing has the weight control tools most recommended by health professionals.

100. – Amazon price tracker monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy.


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