Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription Questions Answered

What is audio transcription? Transcribing audio is the skill and art of listening to and converting recorded speech from either audio or video into a text document that you can print, add to a video, or read on screen. To increase the accuracy and speed of the conversion from recorded…

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What you need to be a successful work from home transcriber

Euipment & Software of a Work-from-home transcriber

With over 20 years touch typing experience audio typing requires attention to detail in what is being spoken. Along with this, correct spelling and grammar are required to produce an accurate and grammatically correct transcript.  This graphic outlines the equipment for a successful work-from-home transcriber to have at their desk…

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What is audio transcription? [Video]

Audio transcription video explained

What is audio transcription video

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What does a transcriber do and what is audio transcription?

Outsource freelance transcriptionist

Recording interviews, conversations, meetings and such like is easier now than it ever has been.  Technology has advanced so far we can now record on our smartphones at the touch of a button. Using modern technology in this way, as a back-up for detail discussed in a meeting, for example,…

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How To Increase Your Video SEO The Affordable Way

Video Marketing SEO The Affordable Way

With social video and video marketing becoming one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience, the digital landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years.  Digitalisation and technology have become less expensive than it once was.  In today’s digital world you don’t necessarily need to contract a…

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How to Save Valuable Time When Looking For a Transcriber

Do you regularly use freelance portals like People Per Hour, Fivesquid and Fiverr to name a few of the platforms out there, to economically outsource your audio or video transcription requirements? Then read on there is important information inside! As a freelancer offering very reasonably priced professional typing and transcription…

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15 Good Reasons to Get Closed Captioning for Your Videos Through a Transcriptionist

US Airlines are being urged to add closed captions to their video’s during long-haul flights to aid hearing impaired passengers.  This was highlighted by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) But there are other advantages to adding closed captions to videos not just for long-haul flights but for video as a whole…

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Transcription – Definition of Transcription in English from the Oxford dictionary

The 3 definitions of  transcription from the English Oxford Dictionary transcription – definition of transcription in English from the Oxford dictionary.

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