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Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends 2016
Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2016 by Taylor Loren

With a new year comes a new content calendar — and a new set of challenges! With social media changing so rapidly, it can be hard for marketers to stay ahead-of-the-game (or even just keep up).

To help you get creative with your content this year, here’s a list of the top Instagram marketing trends for 2016:

1. Using GIFs on Instagram

The emergence of GIF-like apps and Apple’s Live Photos is sure to make 2016 the year of moving photos on Instagram. Popular apps like Boomerang by Instagram and DSCO by VSCO are growing steadily and will be a major Instagram trend for marketers in 2016. Combined with a variety of apps that convert Live Photos to GIFs, plus the new Instagram feature that loops video posts, we’re expecting to see users and brands get creative with motion this year.

2. Experimenting with Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads used to be carefully curated (at the high cost of $200k+ per ad), until Instagram opened its door to all advertisers at the end of 2015. The quality of most of the initial ads was sub-par at best, and users were not very happy with the spam-like photos in their feed. But with time comes experience, and in 2016 we’ll see marketers and brands begin to experiment with  Instagram ads in order to find out what works on the platform (and what doesn’t). Plus: 30 second video ads? We’ll see!

3. Stock Photography for Instagram

Gathering content for Instagram is a major challenge for marketers, and finding high quality content is even tougher! Thankfully, new players in the stock photography space are recognizing the need for high quality, Instagrammable images at an affordable price.

With startups like Stocksy, which offers beautiful stock photography from Instagram-loved photographers, and Flashstock, which pairs brands with localized photographers around the world, marketers now have more options than ever to outsource their Instagram content for a nominal fee. Don’t have a budget? You can search for awesome content and repost it right from your Latergramme web dashboard.

4. Linking to Content

The ability to click a link in an Instagram caption is a dream for many marketers, and we can only hope that Instagram brings us this feature in 2016. If not, expect to see more creativity from brands and influencers as everyone tries to get their followers to actually visit a website from Instagram (aside from linking to their bio). We’re already seeing this from Instagram’s “Buy Now” buttons and services such as Like to Know It, which makes your Instagram feed shoppable.

5. Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

As Instagram matures, expect brands to become more targeted on Instagram with the creation of multiple Instagram accounts for different verticals or customers (such as @nike, @nikewomen, @nikerunning, etc). Curated feeds are also rising in popularity, with entire accounts devoted to reposting content from others around a niche topic, like I Have This Thing With Floors, which is all about showcasing photos of feet on nice floors. Not impressed? They have over half a million followers and the hashtag has been used over 200,000 times.

Whether you’re managing multiple accounts for your brand, curating a feed with your friends, or just switching back and forth between work and personal, constantly logging in and out of Instagram can be frustrating. It’s rumored that Instagram may allow you to switch between accounts in the future, but you can easily start scheduling and managing multiple Instagram accounts now (for free!) with the Latergramme app.

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Are Your Making The Most of Pinterest?

by Brian Basilico December 17, 2015

Pinterest is a not a staple in my daily social media diet, but I can tell you that foodies, fashionistas and hobbyists are flocking there in droves every day. Those topics are the most searched pins and boards on Pinterest. But, I can tell you that Pinterest is so much more than just that. Yes, you can search for Bacon, but then try searching for something more geeky like Apple Mac, Internet Marketing, or Avatar. There are so many topics you may want to search for on Pinterest and the results are amazing!

Pinterest Basics

IMG_1696 (1)Some of you will remember the old cork boards we used to have in our bedrooms and classrooms. When I worked in corporate America, we had wall panels in our cubes where you could use push pins to post notes and documents all over your cube (including phone numbers, lunch menus, meeting notes and so on). That was the good ol’ Days! (my home office still has them and I use clips, buttons and push pins to this day … please don’t tell others or I may lose my geek Boy Scout badges).

That is what Pinterest is. You create digital boards, and you can add pins to them (including pictures, recipes, infographics and so on). You can pin your own original material, or you can scour Pinterest and pin ideas to pin to your own boards. People can then re-pin your pins to their boards. It is social media at it’s best … posting and sharing with a purpose.

Each board has its own category. Some of mine include Bacon (of course), blogs, podcasts, infographics, my books, quotes, Google, funny stuff, music and more. Take a look at mine. Other people choose what their interests are and create boards that they want to save and repost or create custom pins.


There are two types of accounts. You can have a personal account and a business account at the same time – they do need to have different email addresses for each in the profile. There is a benefit to having both. You can keep your personal stuff, like hobbies and recipes on your personal account, while adding business stuff, including your business content to your business account.

A business account comes with additional benefits. The most important benefit is that it has analytics, so you can measure traffic, audience and demographics, and click back to your website(s) and SO MUCH MORE! You can also do promoted posts (advertising), if that fits with your business model.

Three Tips

  1. Create Original Content – You can pin other people’s content to your heart’s content, but what’s your plan and purpose? I would suggest you create your own content and post it. Use free graphics programs, like Canva or Word Swag, to create graphics, quotes or infographics to share your thoughts and concepts with your audience. Read on to get some ideas of how to use them.
  2. Pin Images From Your Website – You can pin these directly to your boards in Pinterest, but if you want more web traffic, then take an extra step. Create a special blog category in your WordPress website for quotes, or infographics, and add the original content there first. Then use a pin-it button from your browser or a plug-in to easily add content from your website to your business Pinterest account. This will drive people back to your website where you control their attention and your own messages.
  3. Measure Traffic With Analytics – As I mentioned, you have analytics inside of your business Pinterest account, so use that for feedback. But then, don’t neglect Google Analytics. See which posts (or types of posts) are driving the most traffic back to your website. This will tell you which types of posts are giving you the biggest return on your investment in Pinterest and social media in general – measurement is King (and Queen)!

pinterest_badge_redFinal Thoughts

You are probably in one of three camps … “What is Pinterest?”, “I know of it and I need to know more!”, or “I am an addict and I have 100 boards and 100 pins in each!”. If you are in the first two groups, then you owe it to yourself to take some time to explore it more, to see if and how it can increase traffic to your website and how it can help you create more business. If you are the Pinterest addict, then you may need an intervention (or not if you are happy).

Like most social media, it’s all about trial and error. Give it a try and see if it could be an untapped resource for you and your business.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences with Pinterest.  Comment away!  Please feel free to comment here on Virtuadmin as well.