Guest Posting and Link Building: My Warning

Warnings of who is asking to guest post

On Thursday 25th May 2017 Matt G Southern a well-known and respected writer at the Search Engine Journal published the article “Google Issues a Warning About Guest Posting to Build Links“. I began to read the article hoping that an issue that happened to me recently would be mentioned, but…

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How To Make The Most Of Twitter

How To Make The Most Of Twitter By Dorie Clark Recent headlines have questioned Twitter’s strategic direction and bemoaned itsseemingly endless internal turmoil. But Mark Schaefer, author of newly-updated The Tao of Twitter, believes it’s still one of the most powerful tools for businesses to connect with customers and build…

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Introducing ‘Virtuadmin’

Hi and welcome to the blog of Virtuadmin.  This our very first every blog post and I am very nervous even as I’m writing it, and why is that?  I’m Joanna one half of the team, the typist and administrator with over 20 years experience in Secretarial and Administration roles….

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