The current global crisis has undoubtedly being a shock and a challenge to say the least! For many of us this year we have been in lockdown, different tiers and very restricted to seeing family members and friends. This has led to many people to commence writing again or writing for the first time to communicate.

Having said that lockdown has also meant possibly an opportunity to take up a new hobby or growing the hobby that you already have. Some have now taken to selling their crafts made by hand and successfully too. From earrings to handmade quotes for keeping a positive mindset through Coronavirus and beyond, handmade goods being created at home are on the increase. 

It is for this reason that I have created a Royal Mail (albeit privately owned nowadays) Postage Price Guide for 2021. Having an idea of postage costs will help you price your products more accurately. For those who are writing or sending larger than average letters, this UK Postage Price Guide for 2021 in the UK will be helpful too.

Postage Costs in the UK 2021 Infographic