Video Captioning

Transcripts that I offer as standard are delivered in a Word document.  If the transcript is for the purpose to upload to your video this is better achieved if the document is in a text (.txt) or (.srt) file.  In either of these formats, you can then upload it to your video and it will automatically sink the text in time with the speech on the video.

The same cannot be achieved with a Word document, the timing does not sync and has to be done manually, which is time-consuming.

As part of the Video Captioning Service, I can upload the document for you, check it is in time sequence of the speech when viewed, and make the necessary amendments should they not be quite right.

Another element of plain text documents being added to your video is that although many hosting websites these days, do provide automatic captions for your video, but they are not always accurate.

If they are not accurate, your video will not get ranked by Google as highly, because simply your text document is basically describing what the content is about.  Search Engine Crawler Bots cannot read visual images, static or motion.  They cannot hear audio or speech, and so an accurate transcript will benefit it’s Search Engine Optimisation and rank it higher in search results pages.