I love being a transcriptionist, the challenges of keeping up with typing what is being spoken at the same time.  I always aim to give as accurate a transcript as possible when listening to people, typing the correct punctuation and paragraphing. I dislike using inaudible time-stamps to indicate where I just couldn’t hear what the person said, or there was unexpected sudden background noise, or blank spot.

The Transcription Process

When I agree to transcribe an audio file I try to get a listen first, but at the same time I have to keep in mind that the potential client wants a quick decision. Therefore, if listening to a sample is not possible I try and gather as much information as possible about the audio recording and make a decision based on the information received.

If I am able to listen to the recording it involves downloading the file(s), uploading it to the professional transcription software I use in conjunction with my foot pedal. (I also have a specialist headset and an ergonomic keyboard.)  This is time-consuming and not really covered in the overall amount that I would probably earn.

Audio Files With Issues

If there is interference in the background then my software player does have processes that can help minimise this and enhance the speech.  Nearly always this helps to clear the audio to enable a more accurate transcript to be delivered back to you.

So for me, the challenge of typing in time with speech is more enjoyable when the audio is clear and there is good speech clarity because I can get into a flow of typing.

Video Captioning

Video’s where I add the captions for enhanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and accessibility, for a relatively small fee compared to large organisations that wish to take a whole lot more for pretty much the same job regarding SEO and using transcripts as a better, more efficient organic way of getting higher results in searches. Video files can have good audio and be much quicker to transcribe.

Audio Files With Complex Topics

The client can require research within the subject matter, for a transcriptionist it is always helpful to know this in advance.  This helps because I can account for the extra time when determining a turnaround time. I take everything into account because I really do not like missing a deadline for an audio and not having the full information may result in this.  Giving as much information from the outset, including the nature of the audio, interview, video, help avoid disappointing expectations of the client.

If the processes on my software player do not work I have to try and figure out another way to clear up the audio and I go to great lengths to do this first before I ever turn down an audio.  All again in my own time before I decide if I can give you a good quality accurate transcript for your hard earned cash!

If I can clear up the audio I’m on a buzz before I start as I know then that it will be as accurate as it possibly can be, trying at all times to make it as perfect as possible.  A challenge overcome and feeling good to get that transcript delivered back to you on or before the agreed time.

Transcripts With Time-Stamps

Time-stamping may not seem time-consuming but it can add extra time and cost to your transcript. However, it is a service that we can provide. Every 15 minutes or so is not too bad but every 2 minutes or five minutes does not enable an even flow of transcription to begin because the transcriptionist is watching the time clock of the audio to see when to place the next time stamp. As we have to stop and start continually no rhythm is gained and that’s why an extra cost is sometimes involved and time added to the delivery date.

If you are interested in my transcription service, I am happy to provide a sample of the templates I use for transcripts. Please email me at transcription.service.vts@gmail.com and I will be in touch right away.

If you are thinking of learning touch-typing or a typist already but may wish to try diversifying into transcription again please get in touch either at transcription.service.vts@gmail.com and I will send you links and give you all the help I can to assist you in starting your new career.