Email Marketing Infograhic

*This is a guest post and infographic written by Erik Bullen of MageMail.

Email programs are becoming more automated, more personal and more efficient than ever before. With 4 billion email accounts worldwide and counting, smart marketers are using new strategies and tools to enable businesses to utilize the full power of email marketing.


People are more savvy than ever and know how to identify spam or irrelevant emails, making personalized emails more important than ever. More than simply including a person’s name, personalized email considers consumers interests, age, location andbuying behavior.


The majority of account holders now open emails on a mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet. Ensure your emails are mobile friendly. A poorly designed email on mobile will lose the interest of your target audience and have a negative effect on the brand.


This is a great way to ensure the efficiency of your email campaigns. There are tools that can test the full range of email content from the subject heading to the contact details. The results can be very useful in boosting your open and click through rates and revenue generated per email.

We’ve compiled this ‘Email Cheat Sheet’ infographic to help you get the most out of your email programs. Remember, the average ROI on email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent - unrivalled by all other marketing methods.

Email Cheat Sheet

Author Bio:

Erik Bullen

Erik is CEO of MageMail.  He also mentors startups using programs such as
MassChallenge and Techstars. He often geeks out and writes about innovation,
ecommerce, emerging tech, leadership, and SaaS.

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