What We Do

Virtual Assistants to Assist Busy Professionals

Virtuadmin provide administration solutions to your virtually. Any typing, transcription or other administration duties is undertaken from our home-office. We support individuals, small business and any one requiring affordable professional help with tasks that free-up time for you to concentrate on other things. All work that we undertaken is done to the absolute best of our ability. Prioritising deadlines not to miss them and good organisation is something that Virtuadmin does very well. If you’re starting out in business, or have ad-hoc as and when duties get in touch with us. We could be happy to have a chat to discuss your requirements further. Never agreeing to any project unless we are 100% certain we can provide you with the top-class solution for you.

How We Work

Our Tools to Provide Your Solutions

All typing and transcription is completed by one person of the two-person team at Virtuadmin. For copy-typing work, usually PDF scanned documents that cannot be edited. I open the PDF in Adobe Reader and manually type into Word the requirements from the PDF. Any dictation or recorded audio files are transcribed manually using professional audio playing software that enables the use of a foot pedal. When the transcription is complete the transcript is proofread afterwards. This helps spot errors, mistakes, clear up any inaudible parts that couldn’t be understood and to ensure that the transcript is as accurate as possible. With an eye for detail every job is given full attention to ensure the best solution for you, our very important clients.