Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription Questions Answered

What is audio transcription? Transcribing audio is the skill and art of listening to and converting recorded speech from either audio or video into a text document that you can print, add to a video, or read on screen. To increase the accuracy and speed of the conversion from recorded…

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What you need to be a successful work from home transcriber

Euipment & Software of a Work-from-home transcriber

With over 20 years touch typing experience audio typing requires attention to detail in what is being spoken. Along with this, correct spelling and grammar are required to produce an accurate and grammatically correct transcript.  This graphic outlines the equipment for a successful work-from-home transcriber to have at their desk…

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What is audio transcription? [Video]

Audio transcription video explained

What is audio transcription video

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14 Tools to Help Bloggers Create Graphics

Bloggers Graphic Creation Tools

This post has not been written by the team at Virtu@dmin.  Virtu@dmin have been given permission to publish this post by the Community Manager at It is no secret that the attention span of your typical reader is getting shorter and shorter. However, content marketing is king, and if…

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How to stay safe on freelance jobs websites in 2018

Safety Tips for Freelancers Using Freelance Platforms

Whether you are sending a proposal or quote to a freelance job/task that meets your expert skills, or you’ve received a direct message from a person or business in relation to your skills and a possible long-term job opportunity, here are some tips, from experience, on how to stay safe and…

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Why CryptoCloud Hosting is the best to use for beginner bloggers

Freelancers, Start-ups, Beginner Website Builders

Start the New Year 2018 with this thought; if you are a new start-up or freelancer and considering building your first website, unsure of which website hoster to use, here are some tips and advice from our experience. A few years ago, Virtu@dmin as a combined husband and wife team,…

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Are freelancers the new prey for money laundering scammers?

When, a seemingly great opportunity comes your way, with nothing to lose you are going to follow it through aren’t you?  This is what happened to us at Virtu@dmin; read on for all the details and how to NOT let it happen to you, a freelancer or not. Freelancing as…

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How to easily get the most from your podcast

Business Podcast Optimisation

Podcasting is becoming a rapidly increasing multi-media communication tool, especially for business as a marketing strategy. It is reported by Edison Research that podcast listeners are rising at a rate of 21%-24% year on year, probably due to its ease of consumption; in the home or driving and the top…

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Email Cheat Sheet for Businesses

Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing

*This is a guest post and infographic written by Erik Bullen of MageMail. Email programs are becoming more automated, more personal and more efficient than ever before. With 4 billion email accounts worldwide and counting, smart marketers are using new strategies and tools to enable businesses to utilize the full…

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What does a transcriber do and what is audio transcription?

Outsource freelance transcriptionist

Recording interviews, conversations, meetings and such like is easier now than it ever has been.  Technology has advanced so far we can now record on our smartphones at the touch of a button. Using modern technology in this way, as a back-up for detail discussed in a meeting, for example,…

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Guest Posting and Link Building: My Warning

Warnings of who is asking to guest post

On Thursday 25th May 2017 Matt G Southern a well-known and respected writer at the Search Engine Journal published the article “Google Issues a Warning About Guest Posting to Build Links“. I began to read the article hoping that an issue that happened to me recently would be mentioned, but…

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An easy account of how important transcripts are for videos

Using video in your content marketing strategy is being talked about everywhere today.  People are not searching for a product or service online via their desktops or laptops as much as they once were, mobile phones, phablets and tablets have advanced so much these are quickly becoming the most popular…

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