Religious Magazine Series in 1935

This was a series of magazines from the 1930's that were not in a scanned or digital format, completely original. 

The client scanned each page in two halves; newspapers in the 1930's were rather large in their size. 

Before I could begin my part of the copy typing process I had to take screenshots of the particular segment of the newspaper (the client was specific that it was only writings by E. W. Kenyon that were required to be typed) to save them as pictures that I could then insert into Word. 

My method of working is to view two pages side-by-side in Word, insert the picture of the screenshotted text on the left-hand-side, begin typing into the blank document on the right-hand-side.



Rental Contract Terms of Business

This was a one-off assignment, the contractor required for their Rental Contract Agreement that was in PDF format only, to be re-typed into an editable Word document.

Using the same method of working, to copy type the rental agreement, I first took a screenshot of the first page, inserted the picture into the left-hand document in Word, reading the text I touch typed the copy into the blank Word document on the right-hand-side kept to the original style font and font colours wherever possible.

Holiday Apartment Instruction Manual

The printed instruction manual for the clients holiday apartment were in a protective clear sleeve but not in a digitalised format that could be edited.

To use the same method I always use the screenshots had to be taken in segments but I kept to the same format as the original.  I delivered the document in Word format and completed another project with a very satisfied customer.