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Hand-Made Vintage Cards You Will Love

As the typist and transcriptionist at Virtuadmin, I have always loved typing. As a child my first typewriter I believe was an Underwood with just the three rows of keys (a 3 bank typewriter). Always having a passion for typing and transcription I actually learnt to type on a manual typewriter at a young age and it is a skill I do not regret learning at all. Despite technology, touch typing is always a worthwhile skill to develop, you’ll always be typing on a keyboard of some sort these days!

Together with the love of typing and typing quickly, I have never forgotten the older typewriters of my youth. As such, Virtuadmin has started a collection of typewriters, most of them working. Three of them were not working at all when we rescued them and brought them back to life! We believe typewriters are mechanical pieces of art, used as a way of communication right up until the 1990s. Hard to believe sitting here in the latter part of 2019!

We love finding the old typewriters that just need some genuine TLC, a good cleaning down, slight readjustments and they are ready to type again. Is anything made to last like these 100-year-old machines? Probably not.

Although typewriters are not used that much anymore we feel it would be a shame to have them and not use them. Putting our minds together we have created Hand Made Vintage Cards. The first one I have made is the ‘Best Wishes’ card. You can personalise the text on the front and inside to what you want. The pictures below show the actual sample card and it was typed on a Remington Travel-Riter typewriter. I have just cleaned it and fitted a new ribbon, it seemed the ideal one to use.

Hand Made Vintage Best Wishes Card
Hand Made Best Wishes Vintage Card

This is a great way to send someone an original hand-made card that probably nobody will have thought of. It could be for someone at work, someone who has been training with you and they are moving on. A relative or close friend who you know would really appreciate an original vintage card hand-made especially for them.

The text on the front and inside you personalise to what you want it to read. It does not have to be Best Wishes, this is just a sample. Whatever you would like your card to read a rough guide is up to approximately 30-40 words.

The message on the front, this could be a name, ultimately it is your chose. It is hand-typed onto recycled paper and then stuck inside the 100% acid and lignin free card, size 7 inches x 5 inches. As soon as it is complete it is sent First Class via Royal Mail to your address for you to write their name and sign it before you post it off to them. Alternatively, if you would like the name on the front and do not wish to hand-write any additional details, I can post the card First Class via Royal Mail to the address of your choice within the UK.

*I can post outside of the UK but would have to check the postal rates for this service.

Ready to order your card? Email: with your details and I will make an immediate start for you.