Are you are in business? Considering starting a podcast? Or, do you have an established podcast show? This post is how to attract more listeners with a podcast package (show notes).

The cost-effective way is to get a ‘podcast package’ produced by an experienced service like Virtuadmin.  Virtuadmin learned that transcription vendors do not offer a bespoke service for podcasters.
How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Transcription Services’ written by Virtuadmin. Upwork published this article on their blog. Our client emailed asking for details of the podcast package that we describe in the article. We have been working together ever since.

Let us begin with a clear explanation of what a podcast is. A podcast defined by ‘Wikipedia’ is:

A podcast or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to.

There many types of podcasts. Music, chat, an interview, or one person speaking about advice or guidance in a specific niche, to name a few. Podcasts are a versatile media that you can listen to. You can download and listen to a podcast whilst driving, jogging in the park, walking the dog, working out at the gym. These are a few examples of how easy it is to listen and retain information. Much higher than watching a video, for example.

Whatever type of podcast your produce, or considering, you need a podcast package. Also known as ‘show notes’, they consist of a few different elements. There are two advantages to having show notes with your podcast.
1) It has more accessibility for the dear and hard-of-hearing communities.
2) The extra text from the digital document SEO crawlers ranks your podcast higher in results.

A digital text file of your episodes immediately opens up your podcast to a new audience. They could be deaf, hard-of-hearing or have auditory processing issues.  They are able to take part in the ever-growing popularity of podcasts. This helps them with a transcript they can read.

SEO Benefits of a transcript

Now, are you thinking how does a transcript help with Search Engine Optimisation?  I will explain this and make it easy to understand.  SEO crawler bots whichever search engine is your preferred choice. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo to mention a few of the popular search engines. They all have bots, spiders, crawlers, to index pages of websites, text posts, and so on. They index audio and video content by title and meta description to enable them to show up for a specific query.
They cannot view or see videos and they cannot hear or listen to the speech spoken in audio, they can only read the text.  This is why the title and meta descriptions are so important for indexing and SEO purposes.  They inform the SEO bots crawling websites and indexing them what the content of your audio is about.  In general, the more text available for SEO bots (also known as spiders, crawlers, robots) to read, the more they understand and index it. That is a lot more indexing, and the outcome is higher SEO results.

Search engines are, for the most part, entities that rely on automated software agents called spiders, crawlers, robots and bots. Click To Tweet

The benefit of a transcript is that it adds so much more text about your spoken audio content.  For example, a transcript of a 30-minute podcast that we did recently amounted to 6,227 words. That includes the subheadings; it is 6,227 extra words that crawler bots can analyse and index, because of the transcript.
Podcast Transcription
Podcast Packages The Affordable Way To Get More Listeners
The text document is full of keyword-rich keywords. If it is only you speaking, or you have participants in the podcast. For example, during an interview with an expert. That is what we do for one of our clients, exactly that. We transcribe business podcast interviews with consultants and experts; we produce the show notes.
Another consideration here is that we are all different. Some people prefer to read content and not listen and vice versa.  So you could offer the transcript as an incentive for listeners to subscribe to your podcast. Offer them the opportunity to download the full transcript for free.

By downloading the podcast episode’s transcript, then you can read the time-stamped highlights. Listeners can locate the particular chapter in the podcast that interests them. This is an incentive to draw listeners in. They don’t need to listen in full if they are short of time, but also reading can be so much quicker.

Benefits of a podcast transcription

  • You can outsource the transcription process for a budget that you can afford.  A freelance transcriptionist could have experience in producing show notes, or similar. Try using networks such as People Per Hour or, if you have the time, send out some emails for a quote and turnaround time.
  • Non-native English speakers that have knowledge of the English Language. For them, it would assist in their improvement of English as a second or third language.
  • Your listeners have the option to download the transcript and print it out if they wish to make notes. They do not have to play and replay the audio for a particular point that interested them.

Facts and Statistics of Podcasting

The statistics of how many podcasts shows there are is growing.  Podcast Insights from their data that currently there are 630,000 podcast shows with the UK. Almost 6 million adult listeners and the US has 73 million that listen to a podcast at least once a month.  UK podcast listeners per week have almost doubled in five years – from 3.2m (7% of adults aged 15+) in 2013 to 5.9m (11%) in 2018. The various way you can consume a podcast helps. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player, car cd player. These are all viable means of consuming podcast content, even at leisure.

How can podcast show notes benefit you?

How a Podcast Package Helps Your Listeners

An introduction to your podcast show gives your listeners information about the content. This gives them the choice of whether this episode is one they want to listen to, or not.  The same for your hosting site, giving a description shows a snippet of what the show is about.  Subheadings with time-stamps underneath your introduction. Your listeners can fast-forward to a particular part in the audio. This is convenient and saves them a lot of time.

Podcasts are a great way to consume and keep information, whether it is for business or pleasure.  Walking in the park with the dog, working out at the gym, cooking in your kitchen, driving. A podcast is a much easier way of listening to content. Having a podcast package, this makes your podcast easier to access. It also saves your audience time if they do not want to listen to the whole episode.

The Future of Podcasting

The future of podcasting looks bright, it is on the increase in the UK.  A post from September 2018 by (UK) shows the increase in listening from a range of sources including Rajar, ACast and TouchPoints to investigate the rise in podcast listening.  Here is what they found:

Podcast Listeners UK
UK Podcast Listeners

The United States has also experienced an increase of podcast listener activity and Podcast Insights published these statistics:

Podcast Listeners USA
Podcast Listeners USA 2018
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