Our Inventory Services

Working with Cormack Inventory Services since August 2021 the property inventories are transcribed directly into Inventory Base. This is a web-based platform that offers a complete end-to-end property software solution and is used by multiple vendors and agents of properties throughout the UK. Having prior experience of using Inventory Base, Virtuadmin assists Cormack Inventory Services on a regular basis in transcribing their property inventories. This can range from a small flat to a large three or four-bedroomed property.

If you are a property agent or property management company that uses Inventory Base for property reporting and inventories in the UK we at Virtuadmin can assist you in the transcription of your property report. 


With freelance platforms such as People Per Hour, you can hire us for a one-off project or on a longer-term basis. We can cover at short notice in the unfortunate event of illness or absence of in-house or outsourced staff. This is one of the greatest benefits of freelance websites such as People Per Hour. If you are looking to hire long-term you have the security of finding a suitable and reliable administration assistant, if you are not happy with the work you do not release the deposited funds, there is no risk of losing your money. People Per Hour, for example, adopt the process of you release the funds when you are happy everything has been completed to your specification.

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