50 Tweet Ideas for When You Have Brain Freeze by Kim Garst – Boom Social

I have just received this from Kim so I thought I would share it with you.

Running out of things to say on Twitter? Join the club! It can be hard to constantly come up with new and interesting things to tweet. This article will give you 50 tweet ideas for when you have brain freeze. I hope this helps to make sure you never again run out of stuff to say on Twitter!

  1. Participate in Follow Friday (Use #FollowFriday)
  2. Recommend one of your favorite businesses or tools
  3. Link to a new post on your blog
  4. Share a random fact about your business or ask for a random fact about your followers
  5. @mention an influencer in one of your tweets (great for getting noticed!)
  6. Ask your followers for help, or retweet someone else’s request for help
  7. Tweet a link to a survey created using Google Forms (it’s free!)
  8. Share an inspiring or motivational quote (these are great for getting retweets!)
  9. Share a random deep thought
  10. Tweet out a call for guest bloggers
  11. Share breaking news in your niche or industry
  12. Hold a flash sale just for your Twitter followers
  13. Help forge connections by introducing tweeps you think would benefit from knowing one another
  14. Share a random piece of trivia (you can find completely random facts using The Random Trivia Generator)
  15. Tweet a picture from an in-person event or meeting
  16. Build up anticipation by tweeting out a countdown to a big event (sale, conference, book launch, etc.)
  17. Share a tip to help your audience with a business problem
  18. Tweet breaking news
  19. Thank someone for a great blog post, or simply for being a great person!
  20. Share a funny moment or observation
  21. Send a shout-out to your new followers
  22. Reply to someone who has mentioned you
  23. Send a word of encouragement to someone who needs it
  24. Share an interesting or relevant industry-related fact or stat
  25. Share a prediction you have for your industry (great for getting retweets!)
  26. Tweet a link to a List.ly list
  27. Tweet a link to your Facebook Page or Instagram account
  28. Respond to mentions of your business: Use a tool like Social Mention or Hootsuite to find tweets to respond to.
  29. Tweet out a link to a great Pinterest board (not necessarily your own)
  30. Comment on someone else’s tweet
  31. Invite your followers to join your email list: Offer an enticing opt-in incentive for best results!
  32. Recommend a book or movie your followers would enjoy
  33. Use relevant hashtags to grow your business (here’s how)
  34. Tweet out an exclusive coupon just for your followers
  35. Try out a product card to showcase one of your products
  36. Share a favorite song or playlist that inspires you while you work
  37. Conduct an informal poll by asking your followers a question
  38. Post an inspiring proverb
  39. Announce an upcoming event or promotion
  40. Live tweet from a conference, meeting or webinar
  41. Share a comic or cartoon your followers would appreciate
  42. Post a fill-in-the-blank tweet: “If I could change 1 thing about myself it would be ____________”
  43. Ask your followers what you can do to help them
  44. Send out a holiday wish, or announce a random holiday (like National Candied Orange Peel Day!)
  45. Show your personal side by sharing a personal thought or reflection
  46. Say something controversial to get people talking!
  47. Share a candid photo of yourself, your workspace or your staff
  48. Share a link to an old blog post: This is a great way to make sure your new followers see your old posts!
  49. Ask your followers for recommendations for a restaurant, business tool, service or new music to listen to
  50. Promote your product or service: Notice I left this one until last? It’s okay to be promotional, but do so sparingly! The majority of your content should be valuable, informative and/or entertaining!