If you are a small business, a new start-up or looking to re-brand and need a new logo but you are on a small next-to-nothing budget DesignEvo is a great new free in-browser logo maker to try.  It has a very large library of graphics with 5000+ templates that you can choose from to professionally design your logo, with no design knowledge needed.  DesignEvo has plenty to offer and the best part is one of their three packages comes free, so let’s get started with what DesignEvo is and how you can utilise it for your business starting today.

Creating Your Account

Creating an account with DeisgnEvo is easy and quick to do.  You can create your free account with either a Facebook or Google account or just your email address and use a password unique and memorable to you.  Once you have created your account and confirmed it via your email, that's it, you’re ready to go.

This is DesignEvo's home page, so hit the button 'Make a Free Logo' and start creating your new logo.

DesignEvo is Very User-Friendly

Using DesignEvo is very easy and intuitive to use.  Once you've hit the free logo maker button you have a screen that looks like this:

If a particular category isn't there, you can always search the templates instead. 

When you have found the template you want to use click on it and start editing.  You will have a pop-up screen asking you for your business name and your business slogan, both of these are optional.  I did type in the text and it helped a lot when starting to 'get a feel' for how it worked.

∗Tip:  If you cannot find what you want in either the icon, text, shape or background elements go back to the icon tab and type it into the search box.  It will find you loads of results, trust me!

Design Tabs

Design Tabs for Each Part of Design

These are your four design tabs for each of the design process of your new logo, Icon, Text, Shape, Background.  You have the icon tab, where you can search for anything that you may not be able to find.  When you are new to the site you don't necessarily know where to look to find something specific.

Within these tabs that are more options and features that I am now going to go through for you, hopefully making the design process that little bit easier for the first few times you use it.


Here it will store all the things you've searched for previously in the templates library in the form of text bubbles.  You can click on them if that is the object you want or perform a search.  Whatever effect or shape you are looking for, enter it into the search box and it will find you lots of objects to choose from.


As you can see in the two images below, you have two font types to choose from, classic and art.  The classic tab then has a further five sub-sections of fonts that many within each of them.  The five categories are, Bold, Modern (Sans), Traditional (Serif), Handwriting and Funny is the fifth sub-section.

In the Art tab, this gives you a clear illustration of the styles of 'arty type' fonts that are available for you.  A great range in all the font sections so you won't be stuck for choice to make that professional logo!

Shape Tab

Categories within the Shapes Design Tab

In the shape section of the design tabs, there are a further seven sub-sections that nicely categorise things to make designing that little bit quicker.

These sub-sections are again, nicely categorised for easy searching of what you are looking for.  They are self-explanatory of their element contents, but still nicely grouped to make things quicker and easier to find.


Background Templates

Most other logo-creator websites offer either a transparent background or solid fill.  With DesignEvo gradients are available to you too.  What is great about it is that you can create your own custom colour for the start of the gradient and the depth of it to its fullest.  You can pick which side it falls on, right, bottom, left, right, it's your choice.  To add a custom colour just click the '+' symbol in the either of the solid fill or gradient background and there you will have a colour palette to choose from.

Pricing Plans

DesignEvo is focused on providing an affordable logo-creation service.  You have a choice of three price plans, Free, Basic and Plus (Premium).  Of course, as with most websites where you are using their templates and software, you are restricted within the free plan.  Having said that, looking at the pricing of DesignEvo I think you will agree, it can be affordable for even the smallest of budgets, if not now, in the future.

Pricing Options for DesignEvo

Even with the free plan, it's a great deal, you get the quality with JPG and PNG file formats, and can edit and re-download but you are restricted on how many times you can do this. 

With their paid plans, it is not per month it is a one-off payment.  So you get the best of everything for a one-off fee, no recurring payments or forgetting to the cancel the subscription after a free trial, this is DesignEvo designed for the smallest of budgets, whilst retaining quality and professionalism of their graphics, all at a great price of free or a maximum expenditure of $40 (approx. £30) for a lifetime of designing and downloading professionally created logos and graphics.


From the minute that I discovered DesignEvo a couple a few days ago, I knew that I just had to share this great new feature and write a post about it.  I think it offers such a great service and opportunity for those that don't have the biggest of budgets for something that is required in order to succeed.

Virtuadmin logo created with DesignEvo

You don't need to download any software, you use it in your browser.  It is very quick when searching for icons or effects, and has little outlines that are visible when your cursor hovers over an object you've placed in your graphic.  Whilst this object is selected, if you have re-sized it, clicking on a different object it will change within that selected re-sized area and stay that size too! 

When aligning objects up it has the useful alignment and gridlines, so nothing is out of alignment. (unless you want it to be!)

All-in-all this is a brilliant free logo creation website that offers affordable logo designing for your business, start-up or you just need a professional logo for a new brand or re-branding.  It is very easy and intuitive to use, easy to set-up and get started.  When you've finished your logo it is really quick to download your professionally designed logo, directly into your downloads folder.

One last thing, the screenshots you see throughout this post you see me designing a 'Virtuadmin' logo and this is the finished logo, what do you think?