Welcome to Virtuadmin, a couple providing affordable digital services from our home. Everything is stored securely, and confidentiality is assured at all times. The convenience of hiring virtual assistants like us enables you to save money not employing someone in-house, and can use our cost-effective solutions as and when you need us. A quick email with any queries and we will be back in touch before you know it.

Our testimonials are available on our Testimonials Page from very satisfied clients that we have worked with over the 6 years that we have been providing professional transcription and typing solutions.

The software from NCH Software is fully licensed and therefore if you see a format listed as "Pro" we can transcribe this format for you.

Recorded Audio Formats Virtuadmin Can Transcribe

Recorded Audio Transcription Formats

The Foot Pedal For Manual Audio Transcription

Foot Pedal for an Audio Transcriptionist
A transcriber's foot pedal

On the left-hand side is a typical example of a transcriptionist's foot pedal, this one is an Infinity Foot Pedal II, is the same foot pedal that Virtuadmin use to manually transcribe recorded audio into a readable and comprehensible electronic document. The big centre pedal you press with your foot and it plays the audio. The left pedal rewinds seconds to your desired amount and the pedal on the right will fast forward through the audio. This is seriously a transcriptionist's best friend, without one audio transcription would take forever!

Podcast Transcription

Audio Podcast and video transcription are economical transcription solutions available from Virtuadmin.  Working regularly with an ex-pat business podcaster living in Switzerland, Virtuadmin creates "Podcast Packages" and now offer this service globally in cyberspace to podcasters for an extremely affordable price.  Transcripts and show notes will truly enhance your search engine optimization and accessibility for those with hearing impairments.  With Google now indexing some podcast episodes automatically on its podcast platform, indexing yours with a transcript or time-stamped show notes before other podcasters will surely earn you higher rankings in niche-specific searches performed by your wider audience that without one, you are missing out on this simple and effective SEO tool.

Building Survey Transcription

In the construction industry, in the early 2000's I, the administrative side of Virtuadmin, have experience working in the construction industry. Working full-time and studying part-time for a Higher National Diploma in Building Studies at a local college two evenings a week.  Very familiar with Construction and Design Management regulations including the major changes that took place in 2015 regarding the design and construction teams roles and responsibilities.  Familiar with Operation and Maintenance manuals for the health and safety of those using the building after the construction and hand-over phase has been completed. Since freelancing I have been a solution on a few occasions for building surveyors who needed their building surveys transcribed quicker than what they could do it.  This also freed them up to do other important things.

Copy Typing (Text-To-Text)

With digital advancements text documents such as contracts, employee contracts, client contracts, etc., can be in a format that you cannot edit.  Rather than it taking you an absolute age to retype, we can offer an affordable solution and copy type the document/s as close to the original as possible.  From layout to the font style, font size, and spacing. Everything is kept as close to your original document as possible.