Text-to-Text (Copy typing)

The ability to use seals and create characters in the form of printing has been around for thousands of years.  But, because out-dated texts, documents, reports, contracts, books and such like have been kept from before the computer age but from the mechanical age of the typewriter, then later computer dot matrix printers before the Internet. 

Now people are looking back on these, seeing their value and wanting them to be digitalised.  Or they have found a useful document that they would like to edit but cannot do so because it is not in an editable format.

Types of format


PDF’s are a popular request to be copy-typed, simply because they can easily be converted into a Word document, but the software to carry out the process is expensive and generally it is more economical for businesses or individuals to seek the services of a freelance manual typist, like me, here at Virtu@dmin.

When printed or scanned documents are requested to be copied, wherever possible, I try to keep the same font, font colour, underlining, page set-up, and any other details.  It is now commonplace for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to seek these and other types of online freelance services for the economical and quickness that it can be turned around by a professional touch typist such as myself, freelancing under the brand of Virtu@dmin.

What is my method of copy typing your text?


A common question I frequently get asked is ‘do I manually type the text or use a text converter of some kind?’  My method is manual, every single time.  My touch typing speed is 80 to 90 words per minute (WPM).  It is actually far quicker for me to manually type any text than use a document converter that I would then have to edit.

I use Microsoft OneNote2013 to take a screenshot, view 2 pages of Microsoft word so that the document to be typed is side-by-side with the page I then type into to.  Then, simply reading the text I start typing away.  Because a touch typist does not need to look at the keyboard, only the text to be typed enables a much faster copy by the professional typist.

Tables, graphs and charts if they are included in the document and required by the client, they do take more time, however, I can still copy them and accompanying data and would communicate any additional time and cost involved in the process.

Because I try to get orders completed quickly to stay on top of demand, I am normally available to make an immediate start.  Why not send me a message, outline your requirements or maybe ready to get your text, notes, or other printed material digitalised by me here at Virtuadmin? Click here and get the order process started.  You can also read about my 5* feedback received from my extremely happy client to be assured of the accurate and reliable service I provide.

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