Transcripts produced by Virtu@dmin are as standard a manual transcription process of accurately converting recorded speech into a word-for-word account directly into a Word document format. The Word document or also known as a transcript can be quickly and simply added to each of your podcast episodes with the benefits of providing accessibility to those with hearing impairments and boosting SEO with more text about your podcast episode content for SEO crawlers to index.

There are other benefits of transcripts too, you can copy and paste text for social updates to promote your latest episode. You and your audience can quickly scan through the transcript for a particular part of the interview, for example, quickly rather than having to constantly replay the audio which can be very time-consuming.

Podcast packages are also available. Virtuadmin is experienced in not only accurately transcribing podcast episodes, but we can also write your introduction for your podcast episode to add to your podcast hosting website. Create images with quotes on from you or your guest. Images with quotes also have SEO benefits giving your podcast more exposure. Time-stamped subheadings at the start of your episode. Your listeners can fast-forward to a particular part of the podcast, or refer to it again once they have listened to the whole podcast episode.

You can create your package. You can pick-and-mix what parts you would like to have included for your podcast enhancement at an affordable rate by Virtuadmin. Email us today and let's start optimising your podcast.