Companies outsource business transcription to enhance the efficiency of their transcription tasks and save resources and costs which can be diverted to the core processes. Business transcription basically involves transcribing audio files which contain business communication.

Why Outsourced Business Transcription Is Important

There are many data requirements businesses deal with every day. Often communications take place in various situations. These communications contain valuable pieces of information that need to be documented for further use. The business transcription firm can do this in a cost-effective manner. The data is transcribed accurately in the required format.

Businesses need to ensure cost savings, and this cannot be achieved by having to take care of business transcription in-house. Business transcription outsourcing is therefore the answer.

Comprehensiveness of Business Transcription Services

Business transcription services cater to all kinds of industries including IT, legal, medical, manufacturing, travel and tourism, investing, and others. The areas of transcription covered by business transcription companies are varied and include:

•    Conferences
•    Seminars
•    Shareholders meetings
•    Speeches
•    Lectures
•    Focus groups
•    Workshops
•    Interviews
•    Telephone calls
•    Symposiums
•    Group discussions
•    Internet information
•    Vox pops
•    Market research

A transcription company has experts such as trained and professional transcriptionists and other professionals who ensure accuracy of the transcripts. With live verbatim transcription, the expressions of the speakers and each word they say is accurately captured, while with non-verbatim transcripts peripheral sounds and conversations are avoided. The audio files are accepted in many forms including tape, mini tape, digital formats such as MP3, MP4 and WAV, and cassettes, DSS, DVD, FTP, and CD.

Benefits of Outsourced Business Transcription

Some of the salient features of business transcription outsourced include:

•    99% accuracy if the audio quality is good. Even if it isn’t good, the professionals at the transcription company enhance file quality by reducing irrelevant sounds
•    The transcriptionists are extensively trained and are endowed with great comprehension skills, with the ability to recognize difficult accents and different voices
•    The ability to handle transcription for all kinds of business events, small or large, using multiple speakers
•    Business transcripts that are accurate professionally and grammatically
•    Solutions with or without time-stamping
•    Adherence to telephone call recording rules
•    Transcripts returned safely through FTP, disk, email and/or hard copy
•    Prompt meeting of deadlines
•    Total document flow management
•    Multiple quality assurance checks conducted
•    Choice offered between international or domestic production of transcription
•    Offering complete work flow modules
•    256-bit AES encryption for unmatched data security

There is nothing like accurate transcripts to keep track of the entire conversation or communication and even follow things that were missed. The comprehensiveness and cost-effectiveness of business transcription services encourage all kinds of businesses to outsource this time consuming task and experience overall efficiency in their functioning. This is why companies outsource business transcription.

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—Why Companies Outsource Transcription by Bob Kruse