Start the New Year 2018 with this thought; if you are a new start-up or freelancer and considering building your first website, unsure of which website hoster to use, here are some tips and advice from our experience.

A few years ago, Virtu@dmin as a combined husband and wife team, set-up to provide administration support, at an affordable rate, working from home.  We founded Virtu@dmin to provide the best administration support possible from the knowledge, education but most importantly life experience we both had.

However, the one thing neither of us had, and we both knew a great deal about the internet, was how to build a website.  It was something that we both wanted to do, from the moment we met.  Discussing politics and the economy, the internet and social media, we both wanted to build a website.


Why Start-ups, new businesses and entrepreneurs should use CryptoCloudhosting

In our very early existence, Virtu@dmin were Cyberspaceayuda on Fiverr.  The first freelance platform back in 2013 that was relatively new in its infancy and has grown and changed a great deal in the 4 years.  Doesn’t sound that long, but in social media and freelancing terms, it has changed a lot.

After initially creating every social media account possible, Twitter first, Linkedin, Tumblr, Goodgle+, Pinterest a bit later on, and eventually Facebook. (I knew Facebook prior to these platforms and was a social, family-friendly site.)

We were on Twitter for a few weeks and kindly approached by CryptoCloudHosting as they too were new to their niche, Website hosting.

They offered a fantastic deal, and I must say, 4 years on, their support for hosting WordPress, of which we knew nothing about, is absolutely fantastic.  We hadn’t even investigated let alone or what was involved, we didn’t know where to start.

The differences between the two different WordPress websites?  In simple terms, is a WordPress hosted website, with the same free options as (self-hosted website) but fewer options.

Our brand and website

We had to quickly find a name, logo, website name within a few days.  Not that CryptoCloudHost would have withdrawn their offer, no way, we had an opportunity to quickly set things up and get going, way hey we’re off!

We quickly found a website name, Virtuadmin (Virtual administration) but it was my better half that designed a logo, set-up freelancer accounts, like Fiverr, Fiversquid (But avoid Truelancer see the post “Are freelancers the new prey for money laundering scammers?”) created a business Paypal account.

With clear guidelines and step-by-step instructions from CryptoCloudHost in our “C-panel”, we successfully downloaded and installed  Now what?  Choosing themes, exploring plugins and seeing what they all did.  Gosh, that was a few months work for both of us!

Our brand and joint venture as freelancers was born, article writing, testing mobile phone apps and writing professional reviews, every time we got an order or ‘gig’ we were singing around the flat “we’ve got an order” (albeit worth about £2.40, which was $5 on back then, but every penny counted!).  Thank you CryptoCloudHosting, without you we wouldn’t be Virtu@admin today.

Customer Service

Years down the line we’ve done a fair few upgrades on the versions of WordPress downloaded a few plugins that also come with updates.  When updating your installed Plugins sometimes things go awry, plugins don’t update like they should.  I have only ever had in our 4 years with them had 3-4 bad “crash-outs”, as I call ’em anyway!

Sometimes you get an error code, sometimes you don’t.  Either way, generally this is down to a plugin, not your website hoster.  The same as your website speed, this isn’t always down to your website hoster either, possibly it is your Internet Service Provider, so this is always something to bear in mind.

Because, whenever we have had a plugin in update “crash-out” I’ve tweeted to them the problem.  I Direct Message them here, and literally within a few hours, they are in touch, asking what happened and when I’d like the site rolled back to, and all is restored, very quickly.

No downtime with your website

In the entire time, our website has been live, there has been no time at all their our website couldn’t be accessed because of downtime and it was a problem with their servers.  They host in the cloud, and for a great fee, accepting multiple ranges of currencies, you get a fantastic web hosting service with wonderful and quick customer support, with no downtime unless you have a problem with a plugin or two, as with our website in the past.


We knew nothing about website building, the different types or website hosting.  CryptoCloudHosting saw us through right from the very beginning.  I was running from where my computer was, messaging them live while shouting instructions to my other half in the front room!

Just take a look at these great hosting deals for all types of currencies, where ever you are in the world, these guys are the ones to choose for any size website.

New Year New Web Hosting Service


They were brilliant, totally understood how novice we were at this, we’d never downloaded or installed WordPress before, let alone use their .com site!  They took us through it all, if any start-up, partnership by freelancing or anything else were clueless, we were!

We were totally blind and in the dark about all this web hosting malarkey, and they taught us a lot in the time they spent with us, albeit talking live, being patient and waiting for us to grasp what was going on!  They were amazing, brilliant and do not forget that they take such a variety of cryptocurrency these days, how can you not afford to get the best hosting?