Do you invest in using audio transcription services?  Or do you think that it isn't worth spending the money because after you have the transcript and used it for its intended purpose, do not know what else you can do with your transcript?

Well here are 9 top ways to get additional benefit from your investment of transcription services audio transcript in an easy to glance over infographic.  I have created this visual because transcription services can seem expensive, even though it is a time-consuming process.  Here are many 9 benefits that you can use a transcript for and here I am going to go through the nine of them so you can get the most use and value from your audio transcript.

  1. Are you a speaker and give public speeches?  Give live webinars or presentations?  Hold regular meetings?  Hold marketing meetings or focus group discussions?  Do you have a product or service that requires negotiations?  Any of these can be recorded and then transcribed.  From the audio transcript that you receive you from your transcription provider such as Virtuadmin, you can create an Ebook from the content that has been transcribed into a Word document.
  2. As mentioned in point 1, if you hold regular staff meetings or focus group discussions an audio transcript is a great way to track what needs to be actioned by your staff.  So send a copy to the participants as a way of achieving this and creating more productivity by having a reference to who is to do what, that was discussed in the meeting.
  3. If you are a mentor or coach assistant others to achieve success by your knowledge and experience, a transcript is a great incentive for you to offer to your clients.  They can be sent a copy of the transcript from a telephone call, video conference or other methods of discussion.  It gives them something to refer back on from the valuable advice that you gave to them during your last mentoring session until the next.  They do not have to rely on themselves taking down notes, that can get scribbled and confusing.  They would have an accurate transcript from each session.
  4. From the content of your recorded audio, you can get ideas for blog, or social media posts.  Simply copy and paste directly from your digital transcript saving you time.
  5. Request your transcript in a text (.txt) format and you can upload it to your video hosting platform.  Search engine bots do not index automatically generated captions, and therefore because they cannot read images or hear the sound or speech spoken an audio transcript is an excellent and economical way to immediately improve your Search Engine Optimisation.  It gives your video more visibility and will appear higher in Search Engine Page Results (SERPS) due to simply adding an external accurate transcript.  They can read the content of your video from the transcript and index it accordingly.
  6. Create slideshows and presentations.  From the content that is transcribed into text, from your recorded audio or video, you can use the wording and create slides for presentations.
  7. Take any part of the content from your word transcript and use these as tweets or social media status updates.
  8. Use as evidence in the case of disputes.  Property inventories are recorded by approved inventory specialists and transcribed from audio for this purpose, as are court cases and such like.
  9. If you are planning a podcast, webinar session or an event that you would like to promote, offering a transcript of coverage of the podcast or webinar, for example, can be offered as an incentive for more participants to take part.

So check below my infographic below that can always be referred to for the top 9 uses of how to benefit from the investment in transcription services.


Audio Transcript What You Can Do With Yours